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Moving house with fish

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I treat it a bit like ...god, what, organizing the olympics?

Personally I'd suggest you do it very first thing, or very last, not in bits and with a whole day plus helpers

(depending how many you have to move, but I need a good solid whole day, and night, and chiropractic session thereafter)

$2 shop to buy preferably the 800ml takeaway containers (later to be used as jars, as you've seen my dinky setup), Those under-bed low moving boxes are perfect to store up to 18 fish separately.

Bucket for the sorority, all in together, they'll be to stressed to get angry.... plants too a bit

jar/bag EVERYTHING (label it if you want to help yourself)

Drain, clean (easier to scrub a tank when it's wet, than once it's dried)

Drag to new house,

Reverse process

Am I talking in dot form again?



Yeah it's really the filtration I get a bit funny about - that's why I get the big cannister filters up and running ASAP, I think (and will be totally wrong) but that all the bacteria dies in the first hour or two?

Then you're better off washing the lot and cycling again (i.e. throw all the good goo in there and throw the fish in)

Anyways, I'm sure your hot mum will help ya Step (she's a FOX!)


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lol... one thing I suggeset is plan your move of your fishes. Move all the none live stuff first and setup as much as you can at the new place before turning off the power for your tanks.

I agree with ness, I moved my fish stuff after work oneday and i finished at 3am! And I dropped things and broke thing due to fatigue so a whole day is really needed.

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I thought the bacteria died after 20 minutes. Not sure. But you can give them a better chance of survival by transporting them damp, not wet. They need air more than they need water. I don't like using more than 50% old water. But that's because my tanks are always dirty. I got plenty more tips. Probably more than is really relevant to you. So how many tanks do you have to move exactly? And what kind of filters are we talking about. Hot tip would be to plan, plan, plan and allow plenty of time and the effects of fatigue as already mentioned.

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Oh wow! This seems like it's going to be hard! I don't have too many fish. 4 boys and the sorority of 5.

Containers sounds like a really good idea. That kinda of puts my mind at ease a bit!

I have sponge filters running off one airpump so it should be ok. I can put them all in one tank while I move the others and them move the filters once one of the other tanks are set up at the new place and dump them all in there.

Ness, it's funny that you say that about my mum. After we left your house my mum was telling me the whole way home how gorgeous you are. It's like she was trying to convince me. I'm like yes mum, I know! What do you want me to do about it? I'm straight remember!

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Nine fish? LOL some of us bring more than that to the table shows. Don't stress. This should be easy. If you're organized ou should be able to do the whole thing quick enough not to kill the sponge filter. Show us a pic of your set up so we can see what needs to be moved.

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