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Hi Everyone,

my name is Mel, i have a lovely husband Mil & 4 beautiful children. we have become members of Sydney Splendens Society & of NSW Cichlid Society at the start of the year. we live in st george region of Sydney. we currently keep Betta's, African & american cichlid's & a variety of L numbers - over the last year fish fever has exploded here - friends now tell me i'm 1 fish short of being the crazy fish lady & there are now more fish in our house than anything else only 2 rooms remain tankless, the bathroom & laundry. i have decided i need a much bigger house & bigger mortgage as i now need more walls if i'm to add any more tanks.

i fell in love with Bettas when i got my 1st one - a gorgeous little red veiltail when i was 12 & have been keeping them ever since - scary to think it's just on 23 years now.i had never even thought about breeding until just over 12 months ago when my local aquarium store owner asked me if i would breed my halfmoons & bring the babys back to him when big enough to sell & i have been addicted since. i was lucky enough to have a great helping start as my husband had bred betta's for a few years prior to us meeting & had only stopped due to time restraints with his work & other commitments so he kind of knew what he was doing.

we have been lucky enough to have quite a few successful spawns over the last year aswell as a few heartbreaking failures and are still learning with each one.

as with everyone starting out i've tried to read as much as i can online, for every question ive had answered i have more, ive dropped into the forum a few times in hopes of answers to questions i had & i thought it was about time i join up.

i have recently started keeping wild betta types - i was given a pair of Channoides & Mahachai pair for Mothers day this year, my male channoides has had 2 mouthfuls since ive had him but either swallowed or dropped them before we got babys, i have a billion questions on breeding these wilds (& other topics) if anyone has any advice they could offer it would be greatly appreciated

Chat soon


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G'day Mel & Mil

Glad you have taken the plunge and joined us here. There are plenty of great & helpfull people here. Remember the only dumb question is one not asked.. Hope to see you both at the next SSS meeting.




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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

- Hi Andrew, we will be at the next meeting I've already taken that Saturday off & Mil will do the same if his rostered on. :D

quick question for you about the raffle i would like to bring in a pair out of each of our 3 recent spawns but they are still really small.

what is the smallest size accepted? we have a copper pair of half moons that are 3cm's - ish atm & a greenish pair of Halfmoons (alittle smaller) they are all eating blood worms etc already & also have a pair of short fin giants around the 5cm size that i would like to bring in for the raffle if able. should we bring them for this meeting while they are little & soo cute or hold off until the next meeting when they are a bigger size?

- Hi Phil, i LOVE the Zebras too! unfortunately alittle out of my budget for the moment but they are near the top of my wish list! i'm a sucker for cats! its a long wish list lol

the L numbers we have are a pair L007 still 12 - 18 months off breeding, our male is 9cm & the female is 7cm, pair L104 Just on Breeding size now (fingers crossed for soon), 1 L134 we think it might be a female not sure still alittle small, 8 L168, 6 L397, 3 L002, 5 L066, 5 L333, most of our L numbers are too small yet to sex, we have fingers crossed we'll end up with a pair or trio of each.

we also have 1. L165 Sailfin Gibbiceps 1. L001 Gold Spot, 1. Hypostomus Plecostomus, 1. Pterygoplichthys Scrophus - Chocolate Pleco, 2 Albino Corydoras Paleatus, 2 Corydoras Aeneus - Bronze Cory + 6 or 8 babys there tiny & fast so not sure how manys in there, 14 Orange Spot Bristlenose, 1 Male Albino Bristle nose, 11 Common Bristlenoses 5. Peppermint Bristlenoses, pair Long Nose Whiptails, pair Royal Whiptails, 1 Synodontis Ocellifer, 2 Synodontis Eupterus & 1 Neosilurus Ater.

the only ones breeding for us atm are the bronze corys, the common & the peppermint bristlenoses we've had 3 common spawns so far & new egg cluster was found this morning & for the 1st time our Peppermint Bristlenoses bred - the little male booted the eggs out of his cave night before last so we have put them in a breeding box with airstone under it to try to hatch them, they have all separated overnight & are wiggling as best they can with their massive egg sacks around the box i have my fingers crossed they all survive.

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I don't think it would be a problem considering its a donation as long as the are eating well. Best off sending Lisa an email at the SSS site. My pepermints are on their 2nd spawn with the fry from the 1st about 3 cm. Looking forward to catching up again with you guys.

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