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  1. hello do u have a pair of channoides??

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! - Hi Andrew, we will be at the next meeting I've already taken that Saturday off & Mil will do the same if his rostered on. quick question for you about the raffle i would like to bring in a pair out of each of our 3 recent spawns but they are still really small. what is the smallest size accepted? we have a copper pair of half moons that are 3cm's - ish atm & a greenish pair of Halfmoons (alittle smaller) they are all eating blood worms etc already & also have a pair of short fin giants around the 5cm size that i would like to bring in
  3. Hi Everyone, my name is Mel, i have a lovely husband Mil & 4 beautiful children. we have become members of Sydney Splendens Society & of NSW Cichlid Society at the start of the year. we live in st george region of Sydney. we currently keep Betta's, African & american cichlid's & a variety of L numbers - over the last year fish fever has exploded here - friends now tell me i'm 1 fish short of being the crazy fish lady & there are now more fish in our house than anything else only 2 rooms remain tankless, the bathroom & laundry. i have decided i need a much bigger house
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