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Fun Fish Pictures

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First is of course, our big show off. We've had him on before but I like this picture of him.

Brad: Mustard Gas Double Tail


Second is our new boy. The jury is still out on him.

Xavier: Platinum Double Tail


Third was actually a gift. I guess he's a variant of the marble gene and he's finally settling in!

Pierre: Cellophane and Green/Marble Double Tail


Eddie: Copper Dragon Half Moon


You can't really see the full span of this boys Caudal but he definitely does do the full Half Moon flair.

Perhaps this is just not the most flattering picture of him.

Hanson: Lavender Plackat Half Moon Dumbo


I went to a shop and found this girl. Poor shop owner thought it was a boy.

Nyana: Mustard Gas (Half Moon or Super Delta)

The last is kind of a sorority filler.

Tissi (Tisera): Rogue something. :P

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How exciting to have another member with such a good relationship with his camera!

Brad is my favorite flavor, that dorsal is outrageous... and that blue over yellow is always so striking, there's a good reason I have two of those trying to make more.

How aptly named is Pierre? He looks French.

What a handsome mob, you've certainly chosen well.

x Ness

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Thank you! These comments are extremely supportive and flattering!

Very nice! Love Pierre, please tell me you're going to spawn him?

He's too gorgeous not to.

I actually hadn't considered it before now although he does have great form! I know someone who knows this stuff better than I do.

Did you see the girl I was talking about?

I want Eddie, would love a dress made to look like his scales, great colours and tail! Inspiring the dressmaker in me...

Jane :bighug:

Thanks Jane! I do have a bit of a soft spot for the coppers and that boy has a little more red than the picture shows.

I often watch their tails and it reminds me of an intricate tissue fan!

Feel free to step straight into the high end of the hobby! While I still want to bring a spare bag for Brad next time I'm over, I think I'm quite partial to Eddie too

(but I don't want to turn him into a dress :P)

They look really happy - nice collection!

Oh dear. I'm going to have to check all my tanks before you leave, aren't I? What do you think of Pierre? Would you mate him? Maybe to the Mustard Gas Double Tail girl? Being that they would both be a variant of the Marbling?

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