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Getting back in the game


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Hi everyone just a quick introduction of myself, my name is chi and just happened to come across this forum whilst looking for betta sellers. I did breed bettas a while back and then I got into african cichlids, I then stopped for a while as I didn,t have the time but now would like to get back into breeding the more exotic bettas (halfmoons, rosetails, giants, etc.) I just had a rosetailxhalfmoon spawn about a week ago, just over a hundred fry in a 4ft tank. I have heard that spawning rosetails isn't a very good idea as there may be problems such as poor scaling, swimming issues, etc. but we will wait and see how it goes. The fry are healthy and growing rapidly, hopefully no problems will arise.

Thanks for reading my intro and I hope we can all get along. I'm still a novice so to all the experts in betta breeding here, I hope to learn alot from you, maybe even purchase some beauties from you and please look after me...Thanks again.

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Welcome Chi. Sure you will fit in fine. We all love photos so please throw some up for us to look at. Don't be afraid to ask or respond to questions. Have a good look around, you may get some tips from the spawn logs. Sounds like you are doing ok anyway. :-).

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