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Feeding Guppy Fry


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Hello lovely people,

As I am new to the forum I intend to make myself as active as possible and noticed that a lot of posts recently in this guppy forum are increasingly enthusiastic :) it's great!

So, being active I was thinking that we could start a topic on feeding guppy fry. What type of foods you use, frequency, volume etc anything you have tried to improve the growth and health of your guppies.

Currently I am feeding a mix of frozen baby brine shrimp, crushed up adult food and cyclopese. I try to feed my fry as much as I can. Never less than 2-3 hour apart up to 5-6 times a day. My fry seem to be very healthy and in their first week grew extremely rapidly and then slowed as I got busier and was unable to feed them.

Well that's my two cents. Post as much info as you can as information is key to growing healthy and strong guppies. I'll post more at a later date.

Thanks :)

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hey mate! welcome to the forum, i feed my guppy fry a mixture of micro worms and crushed fish flakes, i have been raising guppy fry since i was 12, and they always seem to be very healthy just being raised on crushed up fish flakes alone. when i say crushed up i mean almost a powder ha ha. they don't seem particularly as fussy when compared to betta fry who only like to eat live food :/.

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haha in my experience (this is my first batch of fry at 6 weeks :P) they are the type of that if it fits in their mouth its good enough :D

Thanks for posting :) i'm hoping this can become a guide of some sort as much for me as for anyone looking for help in feeding them

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In an attempt to help flesh out the Guppy section - and bloody well help myself, I'm going to let you know what I've gleamed from the interwebs.

I've also just had a batch dropped (MY FIRST I AM VERY EXCITE) shh... okay... now what


New-born fry have tiny mouths and huge appetites! They empty their stomachs every 20 minutes! Of course, it is not wise or feasible to feed them this often. Feed your guppy fry 4 to 8 times daily

When feeding fry it is important to offer a variety of food. A couple of quality, high-protein flake foods should be given, crushed up finely. Flakes are an excellent food just before lights out. Also, some breeders like to feed a small amount of flakes before each feeding of BBS. They believe that it helps the fish reap the benefits of BBS by keeping it in their systems longer with the staple mixed in. Unfortunately, BBS does have a laxative effect.

* Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS)

* Egg Yolk

* Microworms

Nb (Fry will grow more quickly initially with microworms andget about a 2 week head-start over fry fed BBS, although they will eventuallycatch up. However this growth spurt is important and helps in fighting offdiseases.)

* Daphnia

* Vinegar Eels

My dudes have just been offered grindals and mw.. I have no idea what they want.

So when would you'se suggest moving them on to frozen daphnia/brineshrimp/BW?

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My fry absolutely boom on Microworms and crushed surface-feeder pellets. They also go crazy for some squished, uncooked pea. :D

I feed them twice a day; once on Microworms, and I feed them untill they all have huge bellies, and then the crushed flake foods when I feed all my adult fish in the evening.

I'm not sure how much good the pea's do for their growth, but they enjoy it, and a bit of variety is always fun. :)

Can't believe they are meant to be fed 4-8 times a day! I'm sure they'd turn into monsters! Have you not all read 'A Fish out of Water'? :P

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Hey Tehengo

Yes I use that a lot with my fry Guppie, Killi and Betta. the trick is to make a past out of it but not a liquid and feed in very small amounts. BBs is realy good for its HUFAs, Amino acids that realy aid in the enitial stages of organ development. BBS loose these HUFAs very quickly so the fresher the Betta :giggle: I only feed my fry live food or liquid food but the bigest factor in fast growth rate is water changes.



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