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Hello! New to the hobby


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I'm new to the hobby.

Used to only keep a yabbie but when it died my husband bought me a fight fish. Since then I've gone a little fish crazy and have 3 tanks set up now. One for my male Betta, one for guppies and tetras and one for a couple of guppy fry my friend gave me.

Been looking for plants to put in with my fish as well, so far I've only got java fern and some java moss. Would love to get a marimo ball but they are hard to find and something that will create a nice carpet.

I live in sydney in the parramatta/ Ryde area.

Looking forward to checking out the forum!

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Hi and welcome. Quite a few people on the forum will be able to give you pointers in the plant department, and not so far from you auburn aquarium has a pretty helpful and very knowledgable plant guy. He does almost all their display tanks, and if you're interested, I'm sure he'd be good to give you advice. There's a lot of stuff already on the forum, so feel free to look around and ask any questions of you get caught up.

Welcome once again. Paul

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