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you know how some days you can just feel something is going to go wrong? today I noticed, but i carried on anyhoo. I was just going to feed the killies (who BTW refuse to breed for me, cheeky sods) and thought i'd turn their light on. Its one of those ikea undershelf lights from about 10 years back that has the 2 incandescent candle globes in it. as i ent to turn it on, I touched one of the globes, and it felt all rough and pimply. It also felt a bit loose, so I adjusted it. try as i might, it wouldn't get tighter, so goodnes knows why but I put it back where it was when i started and flicked the thing on. not so good. boomshattertinkletinkle "what on earth was that?" says Jerry coming in to inspect the damage. the charred remains of the glass and filament were sitting next to my 2' tank where they had hit the side and slithered onto the shelf below. I had a small panic as every electrical item in the room stopped working. First we thought it was the powerboard, then we thought maybe the powerpoint, and then *stress* I thought i'd blown up all my gear! Turns out i'd tripped the fuse switch, so I trotted around and flipped it back. Everything works again *phew* I took a picture, but its trapped in the camera, i'll pop it up tomorrow. Now i'm gunna go feed the killies in the dark!

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How about, how the 10 Step plan to exploding a heater?

Step 1: Decide heater in tank is too big. Unplug it and wait for it to cool.

Step 2: Take it out of the tank and throw it onto a towel on the office chair.

Step 3: Put smaller heater in tank and throw plug down by power board somewhere.

Step 4: Replug in the old heater.

Step 5: Wander away to collect BBS from hatchery.

Step 6: Wonder what that burning smell is, return to office.

Step 7: See smoke emanating from office chair.

Step 8: Panic and rip out power cord.

Step 9: Still see smoke coming from office chair.

Step 10: Panic and throw heater and towel into bucket of old water next to tank.


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