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Angels and Cochus Blue Tetras


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Hi guys. I was wondering about the compatibility of Cochus Blue Tetras and Angels.

Here's the story - I went down to the LFS this morning and noticed they had some cheap Rummynose Tetras. Unfortunately they only had 4 left (I'm planning on getting another 8-10). After floating them and letting them out, I counted 5 fish - 4 Rummynose and a solitary Cochus Blue Tetra. The two types were in the same tank together and he/she must have been scooped up with the Rummynose.

He isn't very happy by himself. I have 2 options - I like the look of him, so would be happy to get some more to shoal with him, but only if they are compatible with angels, otherwise I'll take him back. What are your thoughts?

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