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Hi Everyone


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May I be the first to call for Photos? What fish do you keep?

I have 7 tanks, 6 bettas 3 guppies and a tetra.

Sure I'll put some photos up soon, the fish I have at the moment are, Angels, Silver Shark, Red Tail Shark, BNs ( common & albino) & Pakistani Loach


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Hi Chris! Don't mind this lot... they're all crazy (it almost makes me feel normal)

Welcome to the forum. You should get in touch with Wayne (fishbites)- a long standing member of our community here. He's very helpful and very experienced and is located in Wide Bay.

Welcome once again,


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Welcome to the forum!!!

As you can tell, we're photo nags here. :)

Feel free to ask any question you may have - there are no stupid questions! :)

Oh, and it isn't a contest at all on how many tanks you have... I think I have like 13ish +tubs/jars/minitanks/etc.

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