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Thanks you Fishroom Fairy Godmother!


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I never thought I would see the day when I would be so excited about concrete, but today is that day!!

We have had a visit from the Fishroom Fairy Godmother and she left me a new floor in my garage, half which has been allocated as a fishroom. Should be 4.5 metres wide by about 3.5 metres deep all up. The fishroom portion, not the concrete!!


Once dry, I will be insulating and putting up new walls and a ceiling, hmm the dream is developing slowly.

All the fish have been relocated to a temporary residence in my stable, converted into a tool shed.


The divided three footer was kindly provided by Ray, Big Thanks Ray!! It meant I could get me a selection of Betta.


Will keep you posted as the fishroom develops. Sorry for blurry pics.

God I love concrete......

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Looks great!!! would be wonderful to have a fish room from a clean start like that! put in more power points than you think you need! and a hole in the wall to put drainage pipes for piping old tank water to the garden :)

Hmmm... what else..... space for a comfy chair and big screen TV.... a bar fridge.... nah... just plenty of rack space for tanks :)

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gotta have a sense of adventure Paul :P

Got to have a TV so you can keep up with cricket, tennis, football etc while you're tending to the fishies.... :)

A sink is a good idea and a bit of bench space even if it folds down from a rack or a wall..... on a temp basis....

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Thanks for the feedback guys and gals.

I think a comfy chair will have to be added. No questions.

Thanks for the workbench suggestion, would have thought of that too late and am always looking for some work space as it is. Willhave a bar fridge, mainly for frozen and live foods but may have a cheeky beer or two.

Pipe into the garden is next on the list, concrete can be walked on from tomorrow, can't wait.....

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