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splitting a tank into 2


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there's a 2 foot tank that i'm thinking of purchasing [61cm L x 30cm W x 30cm]

and instead of using it as i tank, i'm thinking of dividing it with perspex or

glass straight down the middle, so i'll end up with two compartments which will

be around 27 L each.

i'm thinking of setting this up as a wilds tank. half for one species, half for the

other (simplex and brownorum hopefully - so i'll need different water conditions).

and most likely separate sponge filters each.

my big question is with the heating... is it possible to have one just sitting in

the middle of a compartment? will heat travel through the glass and into the next

compartment? (I'm running out of heaters with all the loose tanks floating around

my place)

will such a setup work?

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Two of my 20L tanks have a perspex divider.

There is a square cut out in the middle, and the heater goes sits in it - half on one side, half on the other.

Heat gets through to both sides, although I've found it works better if the sponge filter is next to the heating part, to push the heated water around.

If you do this, make sure you check the fish can't squeeze in between the heater and get to the other side - a few fights I have had caused by this (now stuff the tiny-tiny gaps with bits of sponge)!

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I divided my tank with a Poster holder ( sold near the posters in Kmart) and silicone with some Plastic mesh/ Canvans from a craft store (spotlight in my case)

If you dont want shared water i am thinking you are going to have to have 2 filters and 2 heaters. on each side.

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