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My Planted Tank!


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Haven't posted pictures of my NPT yet, used THIS method.

Was first set up in May, did take pics of setting it up. Will start from the beginning, watch it progress before your eyes! :)

The tank (spawn tank next to it, I believe I was starting to cycle it for a spawn attempt) -






It gets better, really.

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Still cloudy, needs a top up and a bit of a clean... but here it is...

Home to the lovely endlers Matt sent me for my birthday. :) I want to get red cherry shrimp in it too. Milk Crate also suggested Delicate Blue-Eyes.

Very open to suggestions.




Not excatly sure what half the plants are. The crypst on the far right I'm hoping will straighten up - they were coiled up in the post.

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As do I, as do I!

Really new to the world of live plants. Very proud of myself I've kept alive plants for so long!

I've never been able to keep terrestail plants alive.

So one day, only this year or the end of the last, I thought to myself, "surely I could keep a WEED alive, right?"

So I got one.. potted it up, cared for it, made sure it had sun, photosynthesis and stuff, watered it a little..... it died. I couldn't believe I had killed a weed... but ALAS, all the plants I got in May are still there today. Very proud.

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Hehe. My mum is a big green thumb - she's so good in the garden. I have my own Magnolia tree & Dwarf Cherry Blossom, she planted them (I was going to help but she forgot), and I water them with old fish water and watch them just be pretty. Haha sounds cheesy.

Which one is the chain sword?

Oh just remembered! The only one that didn't make it was the little ones at the front in the first lot of pictures....

Oh um yeah, I forgot I wasn't going to mention to you the whole weed-killing thing..

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