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Hi to all.

Introducing myself to all. Been fishkeeper for 15yrs, breeding for 10

Main Display Tank 5 x 2 x 2 Eheim tank with

Elec Yellows, Elec Blues, Tangerine and Jacobfreibergi Peacocks, Ghost Knife, Tiger Plecos, Cuckoo Cats, Petricola Cats, Sailfin Plec. Elongatus Cheweres, Tropheus Bemba Reds, Tropheus Duboisi Masawa, Upside down Cats

Yes there are a lot of fish in there !!!

Wife also Loves Fighters. Delta Tails, veiltails and Crowntails littered throughout house lol.

We also Sell at Chandler markets on a sunday. Come have a look or just a chat, Can't think of anything better han fish to talk about

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