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hi i live on the nth coast of nsw and have a 4 ft tank and a wider 6 ft. I have mainly Plecs in the 6 ft with some glass catfish, tetras, hoppla catfish, whiptail catfish, bristlenose, eeltail, clown loaches and in the 4ft tank i have a knife fish, featherfin catfish, pictus, gouramis, an anglefish, silver shark and 2 cichlids.

Just looking to chat with other fish lovers!

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I do have photos but im not sure how to post photo, im use to just clicking add attachment and browsing my photos and clicking on one and it adds to the reply. Could anyone explain how i do it here. How do i see my photos URL? thanks!

My fish don't have names.

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upload your photos to a photo-hosting site such as photobucket or tinypic

and when it's done uploading, one of the options beneath the picture should be 'Img code' (or something like that)

and you copy and paste that link into your post. the link should look roughly like this;

[img]link here[/img]


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