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TL;DR version - Can I put Melafix into a 15ltr tank without any filtration/oxygenation without killing/suffocating my fish?

He followed me home yesterday after I went to Melbs for the day. I stopped in at a supposedly reputable aquarium, but found their Bettas for the most part to be on the verge of keeling over. I chose one to look after, I would've liked to take them all to be honest. Poor neglected looking things they were.

All were malnourished, in desperate need of new water and a bigger home and had haggard looking fins, and looked completely bored out of their brains. This place has had some good reviews around the place, so I was a little shocked to see how they kept Bettas. The aquarium trade is small enough without naming names and acting like a 12 year old, but was a bit taken aback with it all. All the other specimen tanks were top notch though.

I bought this poor little cooter a java fern and some moss to stick into his tank, and had a 25w heater at home. Got home, set up the tank, and fed him. 12 hours later, he's like a new man.


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Poor little fella. He isn't a dragon though... He's a salamander! I'm sure he will perk up and get active in no time.

What are you medicating him for? If you are using the melafix as a preventative, use a half dose, but in the long run, you are better off with IAL. It has the anti bacterial properties and will make the water nice and soft for your boy...

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Agreed with Jarrod - Indian Almond Leaves would be the way to go. I put them in all Betta tanks, wheather for preventing or curing disease.

I always use half the dose of Melafix for my Bettas, as I've read it does something to labyrinth fish... can't remember what, something to do with a layer that goes on top of the water surface or something along those lines, but don't take my word for it. I personally quite like Melafix, it doesn't seem as 'heavy' as other meds for little things.

Nice little guy by the way, once he is feeling all better, he'll be a stunner. :)

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Thanks for the answers/compliments ;)

Salamander you say? This makes the results even sexier! I'm still new to Betta nomenclature so identifying them is still a work in progress ;P

The only reason I thought to add Melafix was to help his fins repair. But the points you both made about IAL are well taken.

I'm waiting for Amy's IAL to come in the mail, still a week or so away I think - but at the moment I have a bottle of Mela and Pima fix. Just so long as it doesn't gunk up his water b/c it's not yet filtered - will be by weeks end though.

Once he sorts himself out I might have to make some enquiries re: Mrs. Salamander.

I'll try and use this post as a photographic week by week update so I can monitor his progress.

Cheers ;)

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Hello Again,

I'm a bit of a sucker for Salamander as of my recent Salamander spawn..... <shameless spruke - maybe one Salamander female left for sale, if you twist my arm - EHHEM>

Genetically speaking, I speak in broad terms (let one of these more learned creatures break it down to molecules) ...I'm a painter.... I stick with the KISS theory (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

I digress - From what I understand, the Salamander originated from Jude Al's Mustard Gas line Read all about it here ...I do love a little controversy.

So Salamander is the description of a colour - and like all good descriptions, is used with loose terms, and eventually becomes completely bastardised beyond the point of any real semantic density.... the Salamander generally has a band of white (butterfly)

In Essence the pink/red salamander is a red coloured fish with a light metallic coating of any of the metallic blues, creating a really frosted pinkish result... with varying degrees of red->pinkness

Bordering on the "Lavender" description - which is a lighter bodied red (cambodian) with the metallic irids. <correct me if I'm wrong 'ere>

Another investigative thread I was making recently with a delightful fish can be found here - lots of clever answers to my n00b questions

While I would agree your fish might be salamander, he looks to have some rather opaque red finnage - so might be a nice extended red man with iridescence.

As for medication - I would keep a pedantic eye on the shape and nature of the tears in his fins - he's most likely got fin rot / velvet, with a raggedy-anne fish like this I would keep an eye on a particular tear in the fin and monitor how it's progressing, over a few days it should be healing dramatically.... if it clumps, twists, melts away or gets worse - time to medicate... MORE.

Another consideration would be a pinch of Aquarium salt in his tank, this helps with some minerals and healing - along with a pinch of shell-grit if you have any.

IAL is great to boost the immune system, but you're all over that.

Try catching some Mozzie larvae too - high protein & live diet will help him bounce back - nice choice.


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Oh no, Jarrod (don't be like that) I think we're both right! ....mostly cos the definitions are so skewiff...

I'm going into detail here with my reaction cos I have a crush on Again.... Nomenclature is my favouritest word in the world.. and I'm pro salamander.

Under flash or different light, this little fish could be classic salamander - I've had real red fish (in shipped condition) change colour completely from dark red to iridescence all of a sudden! so until he's in tip top shape, my bet are on this fish being something between true salamander and red with irids.

didn't mean to correct ya... I've just been trying to decode salamander for a while now, and I do get all excited about it - however online research gets me just about nowhere.


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Hmm. Normally I am very disappoint with answers given by the internet. But not in this case. I think we have all gained something here.

For some reason I fell over a link that had an Extended Red (by Preecha) in another thread, and I thought to myself there was some similarity.

To be honest, I don't really even know where the guys who I bought my little bloke from actually get their fish. Probably Bayfish.

I put a Napoleon Perdis mirror beside his aquarium today to give him a bit of flare time, and he got right up on it. Napoleon Perdis upsets everyone which is good to see.

His appetite is very good, and his energy levels are also good. There don't look like any signs of obvious illness.

I like his colouration, and depending on his overall form when he's healed up, might give consideration to continuing his gene pool. His colour slightly reminds me of those red storm troopers from Star Wars. Now lets get something straight here, I am no fan of Star Wars, I've seen the movies and that's it.

So. I'll put like a 1/3 normal dose of Melafix into his tank tonight to assist his recovery.

I'll also make further enquiries about the mozzie larvae. I know a place out here in East Gippy that is rife with the suckers.

ps, we are now bffs, Ness ;) and I'm also twisting your arm regarding a female Salamander...

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This is weird. I typed a reply to your last, but it's not showing up here. I'll PM you. I could do another road trip to Melb to pick her up. She has excellent finnage and colouring. I could see them making some very nicely coloured / finned fry together.

I can just see my spawn logs now... "Guys, I have a pair of copper Smaragdina that wont breed and also a pair of HM that aren't getting along due to professional differences... What do?"

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So this guy has settled in and is making pretty decent progress in his recovery. Please excuse the shoddy phone quality photography.


His fins are starting to grow back, and they seem to be at least similar in colour to his normal fins.

All I've been using is Attison's Betta Spa, and a bit of Pima and Melafix. Keeping the tank at 25 degrees and putting a sponge filter in there on 1 bubble per second.

Happy days. From being kept in a filthy jar, to arrogantly patrolling his tank and flaring at his owner.

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