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I wanted to engage in conversation in relation to the current status of shrimp availability and the current costs involved in their purchase and whether or not the price warrants it. Please note this is not a whinge it is merely a discussion as i have become really interested in these as a hobby.

Personally at the moment i am going to start off with Cherry Shrimp however aim to one day move to CRS when i have increased my knowledge and know how. I only have 1 LFS in my area in which stocks cherry shrimp at a price of $5 each or 5 for $20 i think it is. However i have also done further research in regards to the purchase of these lovely little creatures from breeders and found that I can obtain them for $1 each if a certain amount is purchased.

The dilemma i find though is in relation to knowing what you are buying and whether it is worth the price. I believe if you know someone who is experienced breeding them and know the quality is high by all means you should proceed especially if the price is decent, but what would be a decent price exactly for cherry shrimp due to the fact of limited availability it allows people to set their own prices. I engaged a breeder recently well someone whom i believe to be a breeder in relation to purchasing some lovely little cherry shrimp for the price of $1 each however upon request of photographs to observe their color quality (i am aware it changes due to condition) the liaison ceased. This brings me to question the quality in which i would have obtained if i proceed with the person as opposed to the LFS whos shrimp i can observe however do not agree with the price.

Yes i understand shrimp are somewhat of a niche market and know when their popularity grows prices will surely have to come down but what does everyone else currently think about the status of shrimp as pets for hobbyists. I personally cant wait until my new Walstad tank is setup and cycled so i can take pleasure in observing them and getting enjoymnt from increasing my knowledge and hobby skills.

:) please note i was bored and as i stated i have become quiet enthused about shrimp :), I am yet to decide where i will purchase my shrimp from at this stage. I am leaning kinda towards the pet shop however unsure as to whether i will get both males and females. If i go this route i would purchase a smaller number of shrimp in the area of 5-10 that way i can establish my colony from pretty much scratch however if i go from a breeder then i may be f orced to start off with a sum of 20 or more.

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Grrr just typed out a massive post and I lost it grrr. I'll just write notes now lol

Lfs mark everything up, they are bought very cheap and marked up massivly.

Hobbyist sell them cheap as they breed with no care at all and they are so common, everyone has them.

People who sell on Aquariumlife must put up photos, it's a rule, you can check them for quality. 50 cents each is a common price.

Crystals are expensive because they are slower to breed and require more care. No were near as hardy as rcs. They also need need chillers which cost hundreds off dollars.

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A fish is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Shops have huge overheads so to compare shop price to amature breeder is not really fair. If you buy a $100 fish from a shop, privately it is probably worth $40.

I buy 90% of my fish from shops, good quality shops where I know the quality is there. I have lost more fish after getting given fish or buying from new sources that I have learnt my lesson. With my community tank, I only get from two shops. If the don't have it, I wait. Nothing rare though. :-).

I just think our LFS need our support. You may buy cheaper online or privately but our hobby is nothing without LFS. Find a good one, get to know them and you will never pay shelf price again.

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I used these site alot when I started my shrimps

With purchasing shrimp from lfs the best way to find male to females are

If they are small get 5+ as the chances are u will get both genders

If they are large use planetinverts as they have pictures of determining males to female RCS

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Most of the LFS in my area only chrarge two or three dollars for cherry ther are some of the chain LFS that have a higher mark up but quite often you can take your excces shrimo if you know your LFS realy well and get store credit thats a blessing when you need new items



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Definately start with cherries. CR/BS are huge investments to get wrong!

Retail will always cost more than a home breeder, and quality will vary depending on those in charge.. Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes not!

Advertising a 'WTB' might flush out a local enthusiast. Ask for good coloured cherries (But remember that they get darker & redder as they age) and be aware that health and selective breeding still plays a role in these indestructable animals. Some peoples' strains have gone pale through neglect in that area, and an unhappy cherry will look like a glass shrimp :P

Good luck anyway, if you get really stuck I could send you down a few but try for something more local first :)

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Indeed i too have found that most of the fish i have brought outside of a LFS have died fairly shortly after putting them within my tank so 100% agree with supporting LFS, hence why i wished to create a discussion in regards to the current market for shrimp :)

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I know this topic is kicked around a lot and although I buy most of my items from online and forums I still have a soft spot for stores and do try to buy items when I visit one

Another thing to consider is a topic that pops up often on forums is how much it costs to run a few tanks or a fish room? Then consider staff, rent and overheads?

I know in Melbourne in recent years there has been several changes in owners and closing down of stores and some are going into the online market of selling goods

There are a few stores that are trying to specialise and get into certain markets, Plants and shrimp but trends change and outlays for them can be costly?

Another thing to consider is how much stuff is available through forums that are not legal imports and not available through wholesalers.

So shops need to buy them at the price we pay or a little better if buying bulk but also still takes a risk with expensive items and holding stock.



sorry did not read post properly

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Well said Ray,

It's a tricky one really, and best to use one's moral judgement before one's wallet at times.

I for one will always look for a second hand option before I buy anything new (this applies to most things in my life!)

But for products that this isn't applicable to, consumables such as Stress Coat for example, I'll always go to my favored LFS for this product....

However I'm choosy about WHICH LFS I am supporting, when I see one that dosen't have a very good fishkeeping philosophy (i.e. more floaters than swimmers, or weird/bad sale setups, or just plain old wrong advice) I go elsewhere.

When it comes to livestock (which is what we're really talking about) With home breeders, there's both the very best and very worst kinds; i.e. specialists, true passionate breeders with long term vision, happy hobbyists giving it everything, all the way through to the mate with the importer mate who's getting the cheap deals and undercutting the LFS, even to the heartless breeder that is too busy pumping 'em out to look at quality. There's good and bad in every livestock situation (not just aquarists)

So I guess the question to answer is reputation, and what you think of the animal your buying.... where has it come from?

Again, not always best to get the 'cheapest deal' because your dollar encourages whomever's hand you put it in.



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I think when you say that reputation is one of the biggest keys to getting quality stock or equipment sorter says it all cause ultimately if someone has a great reputation and knowledge i know i would always be prepared to pay that big extra :). Was good reading your contributions to the discussion :)

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