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  1. Hello and welcome What type of fish do u have and pics please :D
  2. Welcome to the forum Everyone here is very friendly and will try to help u out as much as we can
  3. Happy birthday Matt Hope u have a great day
  4. Thanks again for the birthday wishes everyone :)
  5. Here some more photos that I took the other night Low grade shrimplet This shrimplet I think is going to be either SSS SS or gold Hai

    Hope you have a great day!

  7. Pic of berried CRS SS Close up of the eggs Pic of the shrimplets
  8. That plant is pogostemon stellatus The cause of the cherry to die is still unknown
  9. U can keep them together but they will cross as they are the same species
  10. Since moving my cherry in with my CBS all of them sadly died The CBS are doing great now that they have the whole 3ft all for them selfs:) We just pickup some higher grade CBS over the weeks Her are some picture of the new comers All CBS shrimps that we got are SS: This one just moulted and now looks sss:
  11. Umm.. For a full tank display purpose I think drift wood would be good with some moss attached But if u are going for a shrimp viewing go with ceramic caves
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