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Plantless tank.

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Hey guys I saw an amazing photo of a larger tank with just sand, timber and a single plant and thought about doing a very similar set-up with my 60x30x30. Would a single larger anubias on wood be a good substitute for the lack of plants in the tank? I was thinking of a few of my cory fry for the tank and maybe some dwarf rams? If you have a better idea about these fish as I have no idea please tell me as I would have to put my young corydoras in with rams and find they are not compatible.

As I am useless with most fish other than betta's, guppies and corydoras I have no clue as to what the tank would need.

I want to go minimal with this tank so I don't want visible things like a heater, so a heater would have to stay out. Unless you know a good way to hide the heater and stuff.

Things I want:

Almost no plants.

No visible heater/no heater.


Fish with personality (ie: not guppies, or goldies)

I would like fish that will hang around something and not just swim the entire tank.

Pic below of the tank that gave me the idea.


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Gold fish have a tonne of personality, they are very inteligent fish. Your tank is to small anyway though. What about paradise fish? They don't need a heater. Or you could get a inline heater on a ehiem with Lilly pipes. Then you could have a sorority of bettas :)

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yeah, i was gunna suggest an inline heater too... but you;d need a canister filter. and both aren't usually cheap.

you could get carpeting plant and do an iwagumi zen tank :P one plant and a few rocks


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