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  1. UPDATE!!!!! Got a new Boy today, He's a red Veiltail, Mum loved him and $4 was hard to say No. I'll grab pics of him when my Aunty finishes using my semi-macro lens. Completely redid the tank, added some new bitz. Enjoy!
  2. I got loads of Java, so I can sacrifice it testing how and where it can grow.
  3. Been searching my local for Driftwood, been a bit low on the money side of late, so I can't go to see someone yet. Planning on a short plant that won't go all duckweed and take over the whole floor.
  4. I need to get a small canister for it and have it suck 4 tubes and 4 spray bars, at the moments I have 3 small hob filters, they aren't very good. I got the tank made for $80 from a friend.
  5. Ok guys I haven't seen this thread so I might as well post it. Post the pics of your other fish that don't fit into any particular category. I'll start, with Barry the sail fin pleco! He's getting pretty big, almost 1/3 of my tank! Need to sell him lol...
  6. Actually I might do this to my 2ft tank instead of the 14litre. The 2ft will give me more room to have some live bearers in the pondy bit at the bottom. ^ Yes I did draw that.
  7. I really have no idea what it is lol, and I made a mistake, its only 14 litres not an 18 litre.
  8. Hey all, I will be getting an 16-18 litre tank soon (I got it but has a male CT in it) and was thinking about turning it into a completely self contained tank that I will not have to do anything with or ever have to touch. I have plenty of rocks to go in it and a fair bit of substrate but I have no idea where to start, what plants or creatures to go in it, I was thinking of one of those special tanks with cling film on top so it never loses water. Now I want to go completely self contained as Mum wants the tanks gone due to electricity costs, but I don't want to sell the small fighter tank
  9. About every 4 months for me lol, only got 1 big fish in the tank and he is a 22cm pleco.
  10. Haha thanks Neffy, I'm not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing! :blink:
  11. Sorry guys I already have the tank and the sand + wood + rocks and just want to know what kind of fish would go nicely in it. I have the filter already. its a HOB filter. I am not planing on spending any money on it apart from a couple fish. Pictured tank is not mine...
  12. Hey guys I saw an amazing photo of a larger tank with just sand, timber and a single plant and thought about doing a very similar set-up with my 60x30x30. Would a single larger anubias on wood be a good substitute for the lack of plants in the tank? I was thinking of a few of my cory fry for the tank and maybe some dwarf rams? If you have a better idea about these fish as I have no idea please tell me as I would have to put my young corydoras in with rams and find they are not compatible. As I am useless with most fish other than betta's, guppies and corydoras I have no clue as to what the
  13. Guppy fry are common in canisters but I never thought I would see a catfish in my filter!
  14. Ok so I was moving my Gym set today to sell it and I bumped my Eheim 2226pro canister and it sent the water black, this gave me a near heart attack and I rushed 70% of the water out and took my 2226 apart to clean. So I was pouring the water from the 2226 into my wash sink and a few algae pieces clogged up the drain, I was annoyed by this stage that I had to dig around in that stinky hole to unclog it. So as I was putting the filter onto the washing machine lid I noticed a shadow racing around the sink. So I watched it for a few seconds and it dawned on me what it was, Baby Similis! So I quick
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