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I never cease to be amazed.

I purchased pairs of three different species of Pelvicachromis off Jodi_Lea and she despatched them by air-express to Melbourne on 8 December. They all vanished somewhere. I received a telephone call off the air express company this morning (14 December) saying that a parcel of live fish was now waiting for me at the airport. This was after 6 days.

So I travelled out to the airport totally expecting them to be all dead. The assistant at the depot listened to me rant and rave regarding how I had most probably lost six wonderful fish. I opened the box and the first newspaper wrapped parcel and there was a unhappy (but alive) fish staring at me. Five more parcels opened and each fish was alive.

So a rush to home and my fish house and introduced the fish to the tanks asap. I dread to think how much ammonia etc was in the bagged water. This evening the fish are swimming quite happily.

I can only put their survival down to someone's expert packing and shipping methods. Many thanks again someone

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