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:D ) I am currently running 3 tanks 1) 25lt Betta at the moment our beautiful Red boy is the only occupant as the heater went on the fritz while we were away for the weekend and we came home to Ich and and a pair of dead albino cory cats. Tank 2) 38lt and Tank 3) 70lt currently housing an assortment of guppies/danios and an inch long BN each while I wait for my BIG tank to appear. I want a 6ft but am continually told by the MOTH (that's "man of the house") that i may have to settle for 2x 3fters. From what I can gather this is something to do with a lack of space, immovable walls and him not being superman or some such rubbish! Been a while since I re-arranged the lounge room.... I have to say the thing I have really noticed since getting back into this is how things have changed. When I first started keeping tropicals there were no such things as Test Kits and tank cyclying. You got a tank, a heater, a light, chucked in some water, stirred in a few fish and Bob's your Aunty! Lord A'mighty them poor little fishies!Thankfully we now know better and I am really looking forward to being a part of this on-line community, continuing to learn about my new fishy babies and getting my hands on that BIG TANK! :cheer:

Greetings fellow fishy people. I'm in NW Tassie and have recently come back to Tropical keeping after a break of many years. Am in the process of re-discovering the joy of tank-watching as a means of wasting time!!(And avoiding the dreaded housework

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Thanks for the welcome guys, forgot to add please call me Jo, and just excuse me for a moment while I move this bookcase to the hallway! MOTH has agreed to a compromise, I can't have a 6fter but I can have a 4 provided he can still see the TV (what the?!!) from his recliner. I'm not proud, just desperate!! Will accept compromise and start planning. Has anyone else noticed that unfishy partners have noooo understanding of MTS!! jo

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