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Seriously noobe equipment question


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Lets play a little game: guess the equipment :D sound fun? ehehe lol

So i got the airpump with my first ebay tank and its no good. Needs a new diaphram which is apparently not possible for this model as its a long since deleted line. I figure though i can use this tubing and other bits. Problem: I'm not entirely sure what I have here and what I can do with it.

The bits and bobs :P airline tubing with?


I'm aware one bit is an airstone. However my filter has a spray bar so think I don't need it as it plenty of O2 for bettas? Though the end compartment of my divided 90L tank doesnt get agitated at all, in addition the water has to flow there all the way from the opposite end of the tank. So not sure what O2 supply would be like in there.

What is this and what is it used for?


and this, pretty much the same?


Check valve? Prevents wrong direction siphon up tube?


I think this one is simply just a plug? Not sure though why there would be a lose end that needs to be plugged?


Thanks :D

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The first pic, it control the rate of bubbling for the sponge or box filter. If you intend to breed too much bubbles will destory the male's bubble nest.

The last pic going into the second pic. It allows you to power more than one air stone/filter with one pump outlet.

The second is a none return valve, when your pump is lower than your air stone/filter the water might go backwards when you turn off your pump for cleaning etc. This will sometimes not be good for your pump. So the valve is put in place for it not to happen

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What Joan said for the first two - looks like a control valve and a check valve.

The last one, does it have a hole through the middle? Looks like a connector to join two bits of air tubing together. Some of us get a bit too eager to chop up our tubing into little bits so occasionally connectors like that come in handy.

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Ah yes, the little plug thing does have a hole! I didn't even notice :P lol So if I need to make an air tube longer I can connect bits? Cool! Am always anxious to cut it in case I change my mind about length so that should be very handy :D

With the control valve to use so that it doesn't destroy nest, I thought you just wouldn't have a filter going during spawning etc, until fry are free swimming then after that just a small sponge filter? This equipment is really old, I dont know if that is to blame but it doesn't have little arrows or anything so you know which way to turn it to increase/decrease output so can't say I'd know what I'm doing.... :confused:

With the thing to enable more than one sponge filter to be hooked up to pump, I bought this a couple of days ago:


So turns out I already had one? lol but obviously the two devices look pretty different! Is the first one old fashioned or someething?? Also, the new one allows you to adjust the strength of the air output so its kinda two in one?

Just to clarify, the red one is the check valve? I bought one of those as well lol ah well, have a spare!

Wayne regarding the diaphram, LFS said I need one thats made for that pump. Brand is Sonic. They said they can't get one, too old. Certainly if there was a way to hunt one down I'd be super keen!

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It's not old fashioned, I find it works a lot better than the one you have at the moment.

The screw part controls the air flow. Unscrew it very loose, you get full blast, tighten it up and it's reduced. The last pic is a plug, it's the exact same thing already plugged into the clear control valve, they can be pulled out. It will fit into in the empty 'slot' on the one above the check valve picture.

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