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my current setups


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Hey guys,

Just thought i'd share a few photos of my current setups. I'm still very much a noob, but have the bug pretty bad and expanding fast! I've been instructed no more tanks by the mrs, but she hasn't noticed the 3 new tanks sitting outside yet to be filled :-)

All fish and most equipment so far from all to frequent visits to someone, never leave there without spending more money than intended unfortunately

It all started with a monkey-faced betta named Sir Alfred Pennyworth


Then i started on my 3 ft community tank that i got as a freebie from a friend :D

It currently has;

2 Bolivian Butterflys (new this week)

6 Rummynose Tetras (also new this week)

6 Haliquin Rasboras

5 White Clouds

3 Glass Catfish

and 1 female Betta

This is it before a rescape a couple of weeks ago


and then i decided to ditch the ship and lantern and chuck in some driftwood that i had and a sword plant (i kept the combi in there because my room-mmate is a VW driver lol)


my new Bolivian Butterflies, their so awesome but so timid so far! i had to wait so long for them to come out for this photo.


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the cat always enjoys watching them...



I couldn't resist this girl, but unfortunately due to either suicide or eager cat, she disappeared...


Due to my gf being very upset about her favourite (Guinevere) vanishing, we went out and got this girl (Ophelia)


Who has since been added to the community tank where her colors are blooming, but i can't get a shot of her staying still for a shot.

Plans are currently in place to put a divider into another tank i have (first have to work out how to take off the mirror backing that it came with) and put a couple of male bettas in. Also have a 35L tank with hood and light which is going to become a planted tank, probably home to some shrimp and leopard danios. Finally, want to add another female into the community tank (hopefully white HMPK) and looking for an old 5L wine decanter for a PK male (i saw one in an antique store a while back and really should have grabbed it at the time).

That's it for the time being, but im sure there will be more!

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That is a great set-up!

I love you Bettas, too bad that pretty girl & Guinevere died. :(

I would watch that cat.. very suspicious :lookaround:

Hopefully the Mrs. will get the bug too soon. ;)

I wish I could go to someone's too far.. :(

Is Ophelia in a jug with a dollie on top? Hmm.. whatever works.

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It's actually chicken wire strapped on, after the cat got a taste he was very keen for more and I caught him trying to put his paw in, so i engineered a solution as fast as I could! Lol.

I keep saying I'll buy the mrs one hoping she'll catch the bug, but she refuses. Oh well, she'll come to.

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Haha ... that is very cute. My cat also likes to watch the fish, sitting on the top of the lounge staring at them for hours. Make sure you post photos when you get them all set up, it will be good to see how they have progressed


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Yeah, Sir Alfred's bowl doesn't have a lid on it so the cat does try and drink it down, but I'm pretty sure his tongue actually got bitten once, at least it looked like that from how far he jumped!

I'm glad someone got the reference! And don't worry, Bruce will be coming, just have to find a suitable candidate first :) Any suggestions?

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