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How big does a tank need to be to have more than 1 male fighter in it?

I want to keep a few of the boys, was wondering if it's possible to keep them in a large community tank?

PLANNED to be a planted multi level tank... no cichlids because they are really un-friendly to plants...

I'm thinking a 4 or 6 ft tank?

Opinions? Also what other fish are friendly to Fighters? Currently some live with the Endlers and Mollies and seem okay..

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The answer is... N/A.

You cannot have two male fighters in together.

I got away with 2 sibling juvenile males in a 4ft for several months, then the submissive one started getting damage and I removed him.

For other fish with fighters, depends on the fishes personality. Some will kill their tankmates, others couldn't care less. Also depends on their finnage. Long fins tend to get fins eaten by tetra, rasbora, barbs, etc. I keep a Plakat male with dwarf gouramis of various species, yoyo loaches, tetra (ember and serpae), Blue Rams, Cories, etc. Aim for peaceful tankmates and slower moving, calm fish for tankmates.

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You want to keep two boys in the same tank together?? :blink: Thats the biggest no-no.. regardless of how big the tank is, its still an enclosed space where the males cannot get away from eachother.

Theres quite a few topics already saying what species go well with bettas, theres also the amazing Google that tends to get forgotten about with such questions..

To say VERY briefly, no barbs, no angelfish, no guppies, caution with gouramis and tetras and yes to cories, catfish, mollies etc :)

edit- Lol, yaa what Yan said :P

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