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Getting back into it


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Thought i'd post some photos of out set up and fishies at this current time, it's been a while! Got kinda slack for a bit, and have just gotten back into it again, breeding that is. I know how much everyone likes photos so I thought I'd post away :)

This is my new boy that I bought from Mihaela and his current sexual interest



as is this one - Dusty and his mate



please bump me so i can upload some more pics :)

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Thanks Neffy

Here's some more (I have lots to share!)

These are DT's that I've found at LFS's. The male was being sold as a female and tiny, but I noticed his ventrals were long for a female ;)



and I also have my Arctic pair getting ready to spawn. I'm a bit scared to let her out, she's pretty agressive!

So my partner Dave is a boilermaker by trade, and he's welded us up some new stands as we've got a colony of L168's, some Longfin BN, marbles, plecs etc.

Also trying to breed Angels, and corys. More in the way of, lets see what we can do, rather than.. lets breed! (if that makes sense)

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