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My New Pair


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I got my first pair from someone! I LOVE them! :wub:

They are a red/white BF VT pair. So pretty. I know many of you don't like VT, but I do. VT are what made Bettas what they are today. :)

The male's name is Plum, and the female's is Peach. :) You can view the for sale video someone put up HERE

Plum (male):


Here he is doing his happy-Betta dance! :bighug:


Peach (female):



I am very happy with them, and think they are a perfect pair for my first spawn. :)

Plum even had a bubble nest going when I un-packed him from the mail! Of coarse, there wasn't much left, and it got destroyed when I put him in his new tank.

someone really looked after them, and packed them wonderfully! I'm sure everyone who has brought fish from her will agree too. I know who I'm buying from for now on! :cheer:

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Do you still have your first Betta Bec?

Thank you, I also love BF.

I brought some IAL of someone, and was just "looking" at her you-tube channel... well you can guess what happened when I saw this pair.

I love all her fish, but many were too advanced for a first spawn, but Peach & Plum seemed perfect!:cheer:

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Thank you Sunnylass. :)

That's what I'm hoping for! I have friends & family wanting some... but not waiting like I am :embarrass: !

My sister knows what colour Betta she wants. You'll never guess, out of ALL THE BETTA COLOURS IN THE WORLD she wants a blue with red wash :o . Oh well, she'll have to be happy with BF's. :P

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