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New fish arrived


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Hi all,

Well, I have big knotty lumps in the back of my neck from stressing over the welfare of my last Thailand shipment, particularly as the weather in Melbourne has been arctic in the last few days (heat packs last 40 hours and that means they expired at about 2:00am this morning). I drove the courier company nuts with my constant phone calls about the whereabouts of the package and my boss ended up letting me go home two hours early as she said I was 'useless' to talk to :o.

Well, they are all alive and well :woohoo:, and currently sitting in their bags with some of the new water added, gradually acclimatising. I am so excited and wish I could photograph them, but will let them out, cover their tanks with a towel and let them be for the next day or so (OK, maybe the occasional peek :whistling:). Eight boys and six girls in from Thailand with success (plus 1 which was DOA on arrival to Australia).

The next shipment will have orange, yellow, black, opaque, MG and butterfly so I hope to have some good fish survive that import as well. Much thanks to someone who did a fantastic job packaging my guys and gals, you do a great job :cheer:,



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