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Hi from South Australia

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Welcome cricketsong, I've not been on this forum site very long but I agree with all the above statements, everyone here is really friendly and helpful, wish I'd thought to join a group like this when I first became interested in fish! Would have saved quite a few lives, not to mention loads of money...

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Thanks for the welcome messages folks, they are much appreciated!

I'm fascinated by all aquatic creatures, not only fish, so some of my 'babies' would probably be seen as food supplies by other members of this forum...not that I wouldn't feed a few to fish if they needed them, that is, after all, the way nature intended things to be. I've only once attempted to keep any fish more exotic than cold-water species, some years ago, and that endeavour ended in tears, for the fish as well as me. I really didn't have the necessary knowledge...I was naive enough to believe that if I simply bought the equipment, the fish, and a book of instructions all would be well. :byebye:

At the moment I am away from home a lot, so I have no option but to stick to easy to keep species. It would not be fair to the fish to leave them alone for days and hope nothing would go wrong. I can ask a friend to care for simple cold water fish, but not exotics.

Also, I need to spend time learning before I try again with any of the more delicate species.

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