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I was introduced to fighter fish a few years back by a well known friend named Joan. I'm only new to this fish keeping and find it quiet addictive and having friend like Joan adds to the addition, since we're always shopping around different local aquariums all over Melbourne.

Be warned, i tend to introduce myself in a storymode and you'll know my life story with my fishes by the end of this.

I currently own a common veiltail and a crowntail Siamese fighting fish as well as a small 23L communal tank.

My half blue and black veiltail betta was my very first fish (3 years old), he had out grown his little tank and so I had to move him into a new 10L tank with a filter and all. His my big boy and my favorite out of the rest, his personality is very mellow but when it comes to feeding time, he just enjoy ripping his dinner apart with swift elegance. He's the only one that recognize me. Sometime when i just sit down and watch him, he would just swim toward me and look at me (of cause you could say he was waiting for the food) but he doesn't lose interest even when there's no food.

My red and clear tips crowntail is still new to the family. When i first met him, his aggressive behavior caught my eye, he would constantly flare at other fishes in the tank and i found that quiet appealing to the eye. Now at home, he quiet active, can't stay still. You could say he's pretty rough compare to the other betta and when feeding time comes around, he just can't wait. He'll go crazy if i don't feed him first and when he take his bite, his whole body will do a somersault towards the food. He's my mum favorite cause his always beautiful darting around his tank.

My communal tank consist of white clouds, platies, sparkling gouramis, a molly and a borneo sucker. It sounds like alot but there's only one or two of each one. Tank include java moss, java fern, a drift wood, filter and heater. Now onto my fish, my red platy has stayed with me since i began fish keeping. I wasn't too good with keeping fish and also went on holiday which was why i lost most of my originals fishes. The little red platy (also known as Ponyo) used to have another buddy which recently decease due to a bloated belly, he was a pure black molly named Chomper. They would stick together like glue since they gone through so much together. We recently just got another one to replace him (Chomper II) but Ponyo seems to have lost interest with him and now follows the new tiger platy around.

I love my 3 little tiny baby gouramis, they are so inquisitive, they swim around the tank checking out everything. They would look at something on the ground and pause for a few seconds to think then nibby and then swim away to look for another thing to look at. When i first got my java fern, they were the first to investigate the plant, checking out the roots, leaves and all and now they found a home under the leaves.

I must say the white clouds have no personalities, they just swim left then right then left again. They mostly stick together and swim up top of the tank, the tiger platy would occasionally chase them around but lose interest because they're too fast. But i do like their white bodies and red fins, that's what caught my eye at the aquarium, which i might say color the tank quiet well.

That's all i have to say for now. I'm only a beginner that loves fishes, i might not get too serious but I'm willing to listen and contribute.

I'll be needing a lot advice and hope to hear from fish lover all over.



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