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Using the tools on the home page

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I think I should have asked this question a bit earlier,

I tried have used to use the tools on the Home page a few times now with no luck.

Is it me or has anyone else had any trouble?

The Disease Diagnostic Wizard works

its the Tank Capacity and the Measurement Converter.


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Tank Capacity and the Measurement Converter not working for me either.

Also, sometimes I try to reply to a persons status on the forum page but it doesnt work so I have to go into their profile to reply. Dont know if its the fault of the forum or my computer though...

lol. enough whinging from me

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  • 3 years later...

Just been wasting some time on a Friday when I'm supposed to be working....

Now the shows are over and some sleep has been caught up on...;)

The front page suggests changes are a-comin! and have been since 2009...first appearance would seem to suggest the forum is no longer used. On further investigation, none of the tools seem to work for me now. I realise these have come from elsewhere, but if they dont work, perhaps we shouldnt have them up there...or replace them...

Photo slideshow - maybe a whip around would expand what's currently shown. I've seen some wonderful photos from members of this forum, perhaps they'd be happy to have them added to the slideshow of the forum?

Also on the picture front - the Gallery doesnt work for me :(

Perhaps a revamp of the articles section - lots of knowledge has been gathered over the years and some of you guys are virtual fountains of wisdom - couldnt hurt to have more of that written down...could it?

Links - there are a few more IBC chapters around now who need links added. A link to things like the Wayne's growth chart or the recently rediscovered colour chart wouldnt hurt either.

Lastly, the Contact Us form still lists Callatya, Faewyn, Lilli, and Lissa as the ladies holding the reigns here. While I very much appreciate what they began here, and feel somewhat sad at having missed out on interacting with them (but happy I still get the the use of their collective wisdom), perhaps this should also be updated to the current administrators/moderators.

I guess, maybe, the changes a-coming, need some revised plans to make them a-happening ;)

Or tell me to go jump :P

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