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It seems like months since I last looked in here.

With all the normal things associated with moving house we had a few extra things.

Our journey from Adelaide to Far North Queensland took two weeks.

Day one road fatigue set in before we got out of the Adelaide metro area. Called ahead for a place to sleep near where my wifes Mother and Grandmother had been born on the York Penisula. Fixed the fatigue problem.

Day two drove a long day and arrived Kingston SE around 8pm

Then it was driving with sightseeing each day with overnight stops.

By the time we reached Melbourne we were a couple of days behind schedule.

We spent a full day in Sydney, (the Friday after the storm hit Lenox Head) we took the ferry both ways across the Harbour. Funny because it had been a day with 31mm of rain the footpaths were almost empty in the city, unlike my memory from 1970 of shoulder to shoulder people.

When we reached Brisbane the time thing got us again because we had to be in Mareeba on the Thursday to sign the final documents for the house settlement to procede on time. Unlike Melbourne where I had been stuck with a tollway road I missed Brisbane's new toll road.

We drove some 7000km's in total. Have a number of memories and photo's of the trip.

I converted my SA Drivers Licence and car Registration to Queensland during the week.

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Yeah, busy is probably the best word. Our new house is in a 3G black spot, cables don't support ADSL. It took 11 days from an attempt of doing it over the telephone at getting the ownership of the Satellite Broadband changed and a new account for me.

Photo's of our long drive? most are still in the original size, I will look through them and resize some. My wife made 100's with a new compact 12 megapixel camera, most of the time I was using a DVC I have a number with my DSLR.

The video camera is different (during playback) when you have people having a conversation in close proximity.

There is some nice sign posts near here that I have thought of shooting with the camera.

One states highest point of The Great Dividing Range 527M

The other 300 Sunny days each year.

At this point we are waking to 19 - 22 C each morning, there are stories of 10C for overnight temps. In March we saw places that keep guppies and goldfish in outdoor ponds.

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Hey Robert, you've come up at the best time of year!. I find my bettas breed alot easier during winter(with a heater) as summer must be too hot for them. Are you going to get back into breeding?

Mareeba is a beautiful little place, I have a few friends that live up there. Hope you settle in nicely :P

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Finding one photo that sums up a drivers view of a long trip, I was a tough choice. There is a great weather rock at a small town called Tenterfield, it was close to being the highlight of that day. Perhaps seeing a Police car being driven by an officer squiting without sunglasses as we passed later that day in a 100 zone showed how sometimes everyone can take risks while driving.

bewarebrunette, I feel like a local already. We brought our 44 inch 220 litre aquarium and cabinet with us, tank tank is still wrapped in Polystyrene and cardboard, it appears that it is sound. I have two boxes of accessories, heaters, power filters, etc. I have the shrimp hatchery 4 tins of shrimp eggs, checked yesterday that the bottles for it are still in one peice. Still undecided what sort of fish keeping we will become involved with. All of the spawning and growout tanks for Bettas that were sold went with plants, filters and heaters. We drove down to Earlville to do some shopping last week, next time we come down the hill I want to walk around Cairns Central shopping centre. Maybe we will have time to see the ocean close up. In March we were so busy looking at realestate (and that I have lived walking distance to beaches all my life) that I have only seen glimpes of flat water from the car.

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The beaches aren't that flash, personally I don't swim in the ocean, crocs and stingers..but there are plenty of freshwater swimming spots.

If you're looking for more fishy bits and pieces check out the weekend post. Let me know if you need any info or anything!

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