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  1. killiguy added a post in a topic: Australe   

    Your doing a great job.Australae are said to be a beginners fish but I dont agree.Having kept and bred maybe 60 killi species over the decades these can cause troubles for many people.But if you can breed clarets with your success then these will be a piece of cake for you
    You should have a crack at the blue gularis,my favourite killi and quite challenging at times
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  2. killiguy added a post in a topic: Tis breeding season   

    Ive seen mouths like those commonly in rainbowfish and also but less commonly in Nothobranchius killis that spook easily and run into things.Seems to settle and Ive not had one get infected.At the start I though it may have been collumnaris but it never developed any further
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  3. killiguy added a post in a topic: Tis breeding season   

    I agree:to many tanks but never enough
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  4. killiguy added a post in a topic: Tis breeding season   

    Ivantsoffi is a very beautiful blue eye and very easy. Ive had conniae for some years and this is much more difficult than the others. Ive tried very hard to have it well establlished but it is still very rare
    Ps conniae

    Ps ivantsoffi

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  5. killiguy added a post in a topic: B macrostoma holding no idea how long   

    Thanks someone
    That sounds like great advice.I though the unoccupied fish might eat the fry.I'll be patient
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  6. killiguy added a post in a topic: B macrostoma holding no idea how long   

    Thanks for that input,just what I wanted.I think patience will be the key

    I have stripped unimac group fish and they are slippery little suckers!!
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  7. killiguy added a post in a topic: B macrostoma holding no idea how long   

    Ive just noticed in my mac tank a male with a mouthful.Ive no idea how long he has been holding as I dont look in the tank very often (only to chuck food in);Ive not set them up or conditioned them for breeding.My questions are these:

    Has any one had experience with fry that still have a yolk sac attached.Can they be raised like Rift lake cichlid fry??
    Are the eyes of mac fry visible though the throat membrane to give a clue about gestational age
    I have 7 adults in a 3ft tank heavily planted,any chance of fry surviving??
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  8. killiguy added a post in a topic: Tank for Betta patoti   

    That sounds like a great setup.All the unimac group can get aggro and I had a very aggressive male a few years ago,the 4 fish ended up in a standard 4 ft tank.Watch them after a thunderstorm as this is a powerful spawning trigger if mature and well conditioned.
    Good luck they are cool fish
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  9. killiguy added a post in a topic: Tis breeding season   

    Any feedback about sex ratios in the clarets Ashlea.As most of our fish are wild caught it may be a critical issue in long term maintenance
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  10. killiguy added a post in a topic: meetings for wild betta enthusiasts ?   

    There seems to be quite alot of wild betta breeders in Melbourne.Can these wild nuts attend the regular betta meetings and swap info??
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  11. killiguy added a post in a topic: Wild bettas and jumping   

    One of the reasons I have scaled down my wild betta collection was jumping and then I had a period when the male refused to incubate their eggs.As wild nut has stated these can be very frustrating fish

    I should mention I didnt have many issues with the bubblenesters like clarets and splendens group
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  12. killiguy added a post in a topic: Australian Conservation Program for Wild Bettas   

    Having the Nothobrachius group dwindle to a few I am now involved in the "rainbowfish" conservation group (a subset of ANGFA).I have 32 NG rainbows and interest is still good after several years (Im not the boss just a backroom guy).These fish like Nothos are important because we cannot import them.Also the Government of NG and West Papua do nothing to preserve species eg M oktediensis killed off by Rio Tinto(there are a few populations world wide including here in Aus).They have more pressing issue like keeping people alive,they cant eat rainbow fish all day.

    It seems to me,having been involve in these groups, that you need a few very enthusiastic member and a critical number of long term keeper.Most hobbiests,and Ive been one,go through phases of enthusiasm and then give up and move onto other species or have a break due to health or other personal issues.

    So to answer your question we don't have a group at the moment
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  13. killiguy added a post in a topic: our first wilds ever   

    Jumping is a pain in these fish,the most common cause of death by a long way.I ended up cutting a flat piece of poycarbonate sheating to the exact dimensions of the tank and drilled a hole in the middle for feeding even so a umimac male got through so I plugged up the hole and lift the sheating when I feed them (macrostoma this time)
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  14. killiguy added a post in a topic: B macrostoma   

    Its much as Ive thought.I have a rainwater tank which I can use with oak leaves and such as I did for the clarets

    At what size do they breed??
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  15. killiguy added a post in a topic: B macrostoma   

    There seem to be a few people on the forum that have had success with macrostoma.I was given 7 fry 6-9 months or so ago these fish are now 5-6cm. Ive not paid much attention to water parameters, they are likely to be a little hard and slightly alkaline as they have grown.There are 3 males and 4 females.What pH parameters are best for breeding.The other of this group I have bred(unimacs,patoti,pallifina compuncta)have not been fussy about condition but what about these guys???
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