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g'day everybody!


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hello all!

my name is karen and i'm from Randwick in Sydney and have recently gotten into the wonderful world of betta's!

i hope to learn a LOT of stuff from all you guys, after all knowledge is power <_< i did have a crack at breeding late last year but wasn't too successful, hoping to change that! and that pretty much explains how i ended up here in this wonderful place with all you wonderful peeps hehe

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Welcome to Aus Aqua

Hope you find the info you need from the forum.....

Good to see someone relatively local who is thinking of breeding as well..... What type of bettas do you have?

And we all love pics here so feel free to post couple of the gorgeous guys :P

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of course i forget the most important piece of info...who my fish are! how horrible am i?? :P i warn you all i am not really that good at the technical terms of colours, but im sure i'll get some help with that hehe but for the time being i have a crown tail male (i've named him Dragon) that i just got from a pet store, he's rather handsome, red finnage with irridescence and a white metallic body and dark head.

I also have a female, also from a pet store (i felt sorry for her cuz she seemed upset in their community tank where they had a couple of other females...me thinks she was getting picked on cuz she was hiding a lot and would keep out of sight of one female in particular!) she's mainly blue with some red in her tail (not sure what tail type either! i've heard its a bit of an art to work out?!?!) with light body colouring from mid-body to her head. oh and her name is Amphitrite (anyone know their ancient greek mythology??? she's a sea goddess and wife of poseidon hehe).

i never thought i'd get completley addicted to these fish! i am their slave! :D i'm sure we all are, we can't help it. i suppose it doesn't feel like slavedom when its so much fun to have these gorgeous creatures in our lives. all my mates think i'm going nuts (they should know better! i love animals and have a career with them so its only natural for me!!!!). So i found this wonderful place and i feel like i have all the support i need here :lol:

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Hey Kaz, welcome aboard! I'm guessing that as a new betta-holic you'll be frequenting "aquaristic" in your area and supposedly supplies some pretty special looking betta's every now and then. Hope you get to post some pics... sounds like you have a couple of nice looking fish.

Loads of helpful people on this forum, and always keen to see people getting into breeding. Hopefully you won't run into as much difficulty as I have had with males that are TSTB (too stupid to breed), and although theoretically I figured out almost everything there is to breeding bettas from the help of these guys on the forum, I've yet to get a spawn going!

Love the names of your fish.. I've named one of mine Persephone (daughter of earth goddess, kidnapped by and then married to Hades god of the underworld...later to be returned to earth on a part time basis each year. The earth turning cold in her absence (winter) and warming when she returns (summer)). Ausaqua becomes greek mythology forum!

Enjoy your fish and welcome again.

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