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Greetings from the gold coast


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Hey guys

new to the forum but not new to fish, I have been Keeping a number of fish for about 4 years now, Ranging from mbuna to L numbers.

anyways I thought id have a look at aquabid after not looking on it for about 2 years to look in awe at whats not cheap and avaiable to us in Aus, I thought id look in the fighter section and WOOOOOW some of those halfmoon plakats were pretty spectacular.

So right now im trying to figure out how i want to set up my drip system with a limited budget (it sure is fun being 18 not having a job and not being on the dole *lol* )

So basically im in the proces of selling some old tanks and some pretty special bits of driftwood to fund this.

Does anyone know if fish chicks still sells beanie boxes for $5ea?

If not im gonna put in an order for $48 2L clear Pvc jars.

Cheerio Jaicob.

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Welcome to AAQ Jaicob,

Aquabid is far too tempting I find for myself considering.... If I look there I'll end up with even less money than I already have from "tinkering" with my car and my ever growing fish collection

Check out the DIY's on here, might be some help for you to setup your system *lol*

pics of driftwood required as I may be interested if they are what I would like and presoaked!

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Welcome Jaicob!

A fellow Gold Coaster, like myself hey!

As far as I know someone still sells them for $5ea. A friend enquired about them recently.

Make sure you keep us updated about how the system is coming along, and we all love photos! so keep that in mind also!

Once again, welcome. I hope you find your experience here to be fulfilling, friendly and educational!

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That would be awesome if she does, ill have to pm her.

Sorry just sold the driftwood the other day on another forum.

At the moment im trying figure out what tanks ill need and what i can sell, heres a rundown of what i currently have;

Two 125 gals

Two 55 gals

One 40 breeder

and two 2 foots.

I figure ill keep the two 2 foots for breeding the rest i dont know LOL.

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You might do better calling her. someone is a very busy lady and rarely has time to answer pm's or even emails.

She's also not a fan of txting (if I am remembering a conversation we had correctly lol)

You can contact her on 0419 709 410 during business hours

You never know when you are going to need tanks! I really wish I hadn't gotten rid of my 4" now. I could have divided it up and used it as 2 x 2ft grow out tanks! Hell, even a large spawn of like 300+ could have been grown out in the 4" undivided.

But if you don't have room you have to bite the bullet and get rid of them don't ya! Second hand tanks don't sell for much though, FYI.

good luck with it all!

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Definitely don't PM Jodi. While a PM will trigger an email notification, she has to log into the forum to read the PM, so if she's busy it will go into the to-do-later basket, which eventually turns into the 'never' basket. Phone her during business hours as Cassi has suggested

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