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Tank advice How many litres is best?


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Hey Guys

Ive been given a Marine Master Aqua box ( friends are trying to help out)

Its 5.5L but was just wondering if you guys think a betta would be happy in the tank as i was considering putting it on my bed side table?

Just dont want to put the poor thing in a cramped environment where he will be unhappy!

If 5.5L isnt enough what do you think is the minimum amount a Betta should be kept in?

Ok so have established naybe the Aqua box isnt the best thing - so now wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i can keep a betta on my bed side table..... while still creating a warm and happy environment???????

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Some people will keep a betta as "Happy as Larry" in a 5.5 litre tank

Some will still be able to kill it in a 3 foot tank

IMO......It's more about the quality of the water,maintenance,temperature,food and exercise(a mirror to display against)

than the quanity of water provided

Funny....that tank.....the recommended occupants are cold water fish....Goldfish!!!

It's far too small to allow goldfish to grow to maturity!!!

With that size tank....heating is the main problem.....it's acrylic so be careful with any heater!!


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Perhaps a small glass cube... 20cmx20cmx20cm

Some fine sand substrate, anubias on a bit of wood and a piece of floating sprite

Hydor make a small heater that would work....apparently they work in acrylic tanks too!

Light it with a table lamp....I could go on...but :)

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I have an AquaOne 8L cube on my bedside ... it's fully cycled, filtered, heated, planted with rocks & d/wood etc - it sits next to an 13L and I keep the tanks carded so I pull that out morning & night for them to flare twice a day. They're as happy as Larry. Once I succeeded in getting the 8L fully cycled it's actually been the most stable tank I've got which saves so much hassle with waterchanges & heating worries (the AquaOne or AquarWorld 25W's fit perfectly with the nice depth of those cubes & never overheat).

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i am looking for something i can keep on my bed side table if anyone has any ideas???????

Lol, it depends how much bedside table you want :) I have a 14l on mine, filtered, heated, and with floating plants.. and of course a cute little PK :D

Ahhh bettas sure are addictive :D You can never stop at one :) Good luck

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It can take up the whole table

I wont mind at all - i already have fishies for them when i get the tanks!!!!!

And yes Bettas are very addictive - I have one free weekend this weekend and intend to use it dong betta related stuff lol

Thanks :)

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