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New Plakat, Orium


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Hi everyone! You guys have helped me out a great deal in the past so I thought I'd come for some help again lol.

My Hubby and I were at a LFS yesterday and spotted this guy. I fell in love with him so he came home with us :) His name is Orium. He is Betta number 5 :lol:

But I'm still learning about Bettas so would like to confirm with more knowledgeable people as to what he is.

I think he's a Double Tail Plakat, and a red dragon? Am I correct?

He's making it very difficult to take a decent picture of him so I made a short video too, hope that's ok. It does get less blurry after the first few seconds lol.




This one was with the flash (oops, poor guy!) and makes him look a bit greener.


(it's my first youtube vid so I hope it works!)

Well, no matter what he is I love him! :)


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Thanks Yan, nice to know I am learning something *lol*.

Paul, yes lol. Our 'Draconomicon' (D&D Geeks here lol) said that Orium Dragons are named after a crimson metal used in weaponry, it really seemed to fit. Plus they basically have 'minions' that bring them food, clean up after them etc. That fit too lol.


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