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My incomplete community tank...


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Sorry for the bad quality of the picture..


The tank is a 40 gallon tank with length of 36 inch or around 90cm. Filtration are aquaclear 110, 70, and 20

The current inhabitants in the tank are:

2x betta fish

2x Bristlenose (one albino variant)

4x panda corydoras (one sick atm)

2x albino corydoras

the plants are:


java fern and moss

ambulia(still small)


One unknown species sitting in the middle of the tank, just behind the small rock.

getting more plants maybe about 3 crypts and some pygmy chainsword.

I'm looking for a good centerpiece fish, maybe a few larger gourami (pearl gourami) or some medium-sized schooling fish (congo tetras, or maybe smaller rainbowfish). I was planning on angelfish or other dwarf cichlids, but being a cichlid they're kinda unpredictable i say. Any suggestions on other good looking fish for the tank or any other improvement to the tank? Leave out the background i'm working on it ! :P


Oh and btw hello guys =D

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That will look quite good once the plants fill out a bit. Not sure how the ambulia will go. I've never had success with it. Last time I tried it the new growth lost the featheriness and started to grow larger leaves. I thought it was just the parts closest to the lights but when I pruned it and planted the trimmings the lower leaves started to do that too.

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Your tank looks lovely. Nice job!

If you want to go with a gourami as your centrepiece be prepared to take your bettas out. I've had a gold gourami as a centrepiece in a 4' tank and she was queen of the tank - a great choice IMHO! :P (I wouldn't put more than one in a 3' tank.) With pearls in a 3' tank go with 1M:2F or just one.

I personally wouldn't mix rainbowfish and gouramis/bettas - rainbowfish like current while gouramis and bettas prefer more still waters. Congos would look great - not sure if they are a nippy tetra though, and you might be running out of room for a decent-sized school? A large school of harlequin rasboras would look fantastic.

Have you isolated your sick cory? Don't add any new fish until you are sure the tank is healthy again.


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I may have to take the bettas out if necessary to an empty 10 gallon. Glek i guess i'll ditch the rainbowfish T___T

I was initially thinking on either getting a gourami with small schooling OR school of rainbowfish OR larger schooling fish like congo.

Oh and have anyone use seachem flourish before as a fert?? is it effective?


the panda cory died last night, he was in a hospital 5 gallon tank for about 1.5 weeks, and i think he got overdosed with meds. :P

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Hmm what do you guys think of my lighting? I have 3 x 13Watt fluorescent desk lamp, so its almost 1watt per gallon. I know its considered low, but i want to keep the cost factor as low as possible. Any good plant suggestion other than cryptocorynes??

Im gonna have to add gravel as well today >_<"


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The watt per gallon rule refers to T8 fluoros I think. If those are compact fluoros then 1 watt/gallon might be ok to grow quite a range of plants. Apart from crypts you can try java fern (I like the crested variety, Windelov), chain swords might be ok, and there's a heap of stem plants you can try like hygrophila polysperma, ludwigia, mayaca, pennywort. Make sure your gravel is about 3-5 mm.

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I thought some of the crypt species can adapt to low-lighting, I think it was the wenditii. Im not sure though, but the price tag in my lfs is 8 bucks per potted crypt and it looked like its almost dead... so i guess a nono for crypt. Thx for the suggestion , im gonna be doing more research on those plants.

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Most crypts won't need much light. They also go into a leaf melt stage when they're moved, transplanted or just suddenly for no apparent reason. But they do come back bigger and better. That said, I wouldn't buy a crypt that had no leaves. I can get potted crypts for you for $6. And most of the common plants as well. PM if you're interested.

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