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40L new tank set up

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Set this tank up last weekend, been a while since I posted on this forum so thought I would throw this on for feedback.

I would have loved to get better substrate eco complete or even better the full ADA set up but essentially I am putting this together with what I have available as funds are limited. I have gravel, spare little filter and some pieces of driftwood. Got the pebbles from bunnings natural river stones it said and I did test with vinegar and only heard one fizzing, which I did not use, so I will see how these go. Only cost me $2.15

Tank will have

200LPH internal but this will eventually be upgraded

1.5WPG of lighting 6700K tube 15W tube over 10gallon tank

currently experimenting with DIY CO2 and it seems pretty easy so I will look to set one up on here down the track somewhere

Apologies for the picture quality



moved half the rocks to the front of the driftwood, the ones behind I will also move when I get some plants to plant there.

Tied on the small anubia I had free to some of the rocks.

Added some java moss to the 3 branch type driftwood pieces so hopefully this grows in nicely.

Got the filter running, this had been cycling in another tank for a few weeks and was running in this tank for a couple of weeks with the fish load I wanted to use in this tank.

Tanks quite heavily stocked but has been running a few weeks with no ammonia or nitrite problems.

5 Glowlight tetra

3 zebra danio

3 male guppy

2 khuli loach

looking at root tabs - not sure yet if they are needed as java fern won't need them and the stem plants at the back may not either.

buy the plants I want to put in - still not got a list of what I want yet. Will have java fern definatley on the rocks at the left to cover the filter

need to take the light from my other tank to go on this one but I still need to buy a replacement for that tank first before I take the light.





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Looks good mjd271169!

You sure that light is 6700k? or you just using different light for picture?



Hi Jeremy

the light was just a desk lamp I used for the picture, have not got the light across yet from my other tank which is why I only have anubia and java moss in there. Once I get the light sorted I can start to add more plants to fill it out

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