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G'day from the Tropical North!


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Hey all, first post here. I'm from Cairns and have been fishkeeping (mainly Goldies) for a couple years, now.

Recently got my first Betta, Ghengis the CT, who has well and truly made himself at home in my house. Hopoefully

soon, he will be joined by another.

I also plan to branch away from the goldfish into Tropicals. All in good time. Anyway, off to scour these boards, catch

you all around!!

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Sweet as, here ya go...

Unfortunately Ghengis is not particularly interested in being p'graphed, so this will have to do...


...and this is where he lives...


He shares an apartment with four RedEye Tetra's (on the right side) until I can find a suitable (Betta) neighbour for him.

The tank is a 45L, partitioned off and filtered by an AquaOne H300 in the rear cavity, with an A.O. 50W heater...


...the stand is homemade, by yours truly...


This is my (very) new setup, and a work in progress. A 70L, with a 500lph internal. Still waiting for it to cycle, so I can get more fishies...and do

some aquascaping... :lol:


Although not visible in the pic, I built a second, slightly larger stand to mirror the one above. Same style, colour and height, just wider...

Hope you like!! :)

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I love youre betta's set up, what is your divider made of?

Dividers are black acrylic. I have actually been warned against using black (after I finished the work...). It seems the little

fella's can see themselves in the (very) reflective surface. Indeed, Ghengis does spend some time in the mornings flaring at himself,

but only while the ambient light is in a certain position. Eventually the reflection disappears and he goes back to being normal. He

also seems to be growing out of the habit and does it less each day (only been in this tank a week).

So I guess I should pass on that word of caution, if you plan to do the same. Most folks use white, but the black looks miles classier.

Glad you like it though! :lol:

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