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KRILL shortage


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Ive been surfing around some fish forums in Canada and the USA and it seems that fish keepers over there are stocking up on Krill .

Because of over harvesting there is concern that marine creatures that depend on Krill ie. whales , rays etc are not breeding or are leaving there feeding grounds.

The powers that be are banning harvesting ( and rightly so )

They think that the price is going to skyrocket and then when harvested suppies run low it will not be available for pet food at all ( even flake foods containing krill)

So just as a FYI anyone who uses Krill as part of their fishes feed regime should think about stocking up .

Im pretty sure theres other foods out there that fish will eat in place of krill and that fish food manufacturers can use in its place , I cant think of any but there would be.

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