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Are these either VT or DT females?


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Hi All,

Can you please take a look at my ladies and let me know if they are mostly all VT? I know I have 2DT but am hoping I have missed something and have a surprise waiting for me. ;) I really want to start breeding my CT's (shown in earlier post) but cant seem to find much on color matching?

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

PS: can someone recommend a site or post that explains the color compatibility and how to achieve them?? ;)

So besides the DT are the rest VT???? ;)






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Without knowing the backgrounmd of your fish it's a bit hard to say what they are but i'm guessing

1. Plakat female

2. Doubletail

3. Veiltail

4. Veiltail

5. It's a little hard to tell but if i squint it looks like maybe her rays are splitting again so she is maybe a delta

nice pics by the way ;)

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Thanks for the quick response. Looking at the Pics I realise I forgot to add some. (See below) I think these ladies are also VT's.




Quite excited about the Plakat and the delta. Do you need more pics to confirm?

Any ideas on which to breed which my crown tails?

Thanks again.

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I'd need a close of of her tail to be sure if she is a delta or not but I'm pretty sure that midway along ehr rays I cans ee them split again, can anyone confirm for me? the red one is a VT. The last one I'm not sure on. She doesn't seem very much like a pk but she's not a VT. She looks a lot like a batch of HM's a bred a few months back, the females took a long time to get anything over 2 rays and they looked like her. have you had her long? Curious to see what anyone else has to say about her, her caudal edges just seem too straight to be VT. I can't see the pic anymore to see what her anal fin is like, I had to refresh the page and now it wont load, my internet is so low becuase it's satelite and bad weather.

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If you look at the second to lat pic you will that I have more lie her.I have had her for about 3 weeks now. Thats very Interesting I hope she is something more than a VT. I will try and get a snap of the potential delta tail and send it off to you. Would like to add some more pics of my ladies but not sure its wise for those with slow internet connections.

Exciting times...Look forward to your thoughts. :woohoo:

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Having another look at the last pic I'm not sure. she could be a pk, but I did have some hm spawn females just like her. so keep an eye on her. Anyone want to confirm for me that I'm not seeing things on the pineaplle? lol.

For a crash course on colour genetics (or anything else betta related) have a bit of a look around this site http://bettysplendens.com/articles/catview.imp?catid=864

and as for what females I'd use for the CT's I'd use the PK or the DT, I'd be a little hesitant with the DT coz it looks like she may throw some spinal issues (happens with dt)

I would use the pk becuase if you spawned the resulting siblings you can work on CTPK down that track, but that's alot of work and not everyone's cup of tea. You'll probably get some nice combtails from a vt or Delta cross, and there's nothing wrong with that; especially if you're starting out.

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Guys, Thanks so much for you comments. I must say I have a lot to think about. I have deiced to setup my CT with the fish shown in the last pic (PK...we think.) :) Male is in the tank and has already started his nest...she got the stripes and so far everything is going great. Will keep you all updated and of course do my best to add my pics. fingers crossed for a great result!!! :woohoo: Cheers and thanks again.

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