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New Member from Sydney

Ronny Ponny

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Hi, All,

I just became a member last night and have had Aquariums for the last 18 yrs, I had a beautiful 6 ft Marine set up Coral etc, for about 8 yrs and then I left in the hands of my neighbour , whilst on holidays for 3 weeks ....... Say no more.... I now just keep Tropicals , and make Rocks .

I make Fake Aquarium Rocks that are Very Safe ,and Very Real Looking,

They are all Hand made and much Lighter than Natural Rocks. Some have many Holes in them for the Fish to swim through, some have none, some have Caves for Hiding and Breeding.

They can come in any Colour, mainly Blackish Grey or Reddish, ( when I say Blackish Grey etc. that colour may have 5 different colours thru out the Rock )...they can also have Fake Algae or not. Below are a couple of samples . Please take into acount that the Rocks them selves look heaps better than what the images show.

If you are interested and want more info...Please Email or Phone me and I will send you more Info and Images of the Rocks.

Also if you Email me ,..... Please mention that you are interested in "Aquarium Rocks" , because I also make "Reptile Rocks".


I have some Pics Posted here:

"See Pics HERE"

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Hi Everybody,

Thanks your Welcome and your Kind words.

I get a lot of satisfaction on making them and having people tell me how they are happy they are when they are set up in

their Aquarium or their Reptile Habitat.

I have put a Post in the Classifieds , and hopefully some members may take a liking to them and want some for their Aquarium


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