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So clueless


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OK The Guppies I bought on Aquabid ( Moscow Blues and Red Grass ) both dropped fry while in quaranteen , as I wasnt expecting them I had to put them all in together( Jodie had bagged them and tagged them for easy ID ) but due to lack of space they all went into 1 tank.

Anyway Im pretty sure that this is a M>Blue.


And I kinda think the ones on the right are the RedGrass even though their not red.

But Im buggered if I know what the one on the left is , theres 4 like it . Any ideas???


Their not quite 6 weeks old and Im hoping theres males only in this tank.

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2 on the right look like females.. one in the front moscow blue coz of the blue in her tail...red grass should only have red yes? If they don't have a gondopodium(?) at this age I'd stick them in the female tank. It's supposed to be easy to see their gravid spot but I've found that's not always the case. I've got some that never showed a gravid spot until they were pregnant.

Good Luck with them.I love those moscow blues!

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Thanx..Is there any chance that the red will show or would it be noticeable by now?

Does that mean that they are blue grass ?

Will I be able to get the red back in future drops?

Sorry for all the questions as I said I am clueless and quite confused about all this colour business.

These are the parents as far as I know. Im just going on what the seller told me.



The mother has no red either so is she a red grass at all?

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F4U I wouldnt know a gonopodium if it jumped up and slapped me in the face LOL. I have to go by gravids but as you said and as my trusty Guppy book states gravid spots cant always be relied upon as they dont show up in some Girls until pregnancy.

Im hoping they are all boys.

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The Redgrass have finally developed the red and are true to what the father looks like ..

the Moscows are a pretty mottley crew still and a bit dissapointing , there is a couple that have their fathers colour so Ill have some fun with them.

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