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Aquaworld 25watt heater?!?!?


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I bought an Aquaworld 25watt heater today...

and it doesnt seem to be working =S

well... im not sure if it is.

IT doesnt feel overly warm, and the ON light ony comes on if its turned up rather high (in the 30's - i was trying to figure it out, but its on 25 now)

The light only comes on when its first switched on, then it turns off.....

anyone else who has this heater notice the same thing? or is mine broken?

i thought it might've just been the thermostat, turning off when it reaches the right temperature... but i thought the power light would still be on.

Anyway... hope someone knows whats going on with it....



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What is the temperture of your water before you put in the new heater?.

My heaters are turned off for a few months now because it is not needed.

Put some cold tap water in a bucket & put your heater in & see if it works ,if not take it back to the shop & get another one.


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When they work properly the light will come on any time the temp. falls below that which you have set. I have 2 and found that in a 25 litre tank they had to be turned all the way up in winter but now they are in about 18 litres they are working well.

I did however have to send one back for replacement because it stopped working altogether.

Now I buy 50 watt heaters for 25 litre tanks and the temp. stays where I set it all winter.

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the light will only come on when the heater is actually heating the water, otherwise it's off as the heater isn't heating when the tank is at the right temp.

do you have a thermometer for the tank? the thermometer will tell you if your heater is working!

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