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Hello from the Central Tablelands - NSW


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Hello everybody! My name is David. I'm 15, turning 16 this year. I live in a small town called Lithgow (which unfortunately lacks a pet store with a large variety of fish), which is 2 and a half hours outta Sydney.

Now to the fish. I have one 4ft tank, lightly planted, with a range of fish. It houses gouramis, many types of tetra, angel fish, some rosy barbs, some bristle nose's, clown loaches, guppies, and a few other types of fish. I had a male and female betta in there a week ago, but they mysteriously died (a reason why I joined the forum, looking for a why).

I pic of the tank (a bit messy)


I'm hoping someone will point out simple ways to improve the tank, and point out some conflicts I may have with fish I have. Some ideas to improve the tanks asthetics would help too! (I don't fund the tank, my dad does, so leave out the really expensive stuff, and things I need to import!)

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