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hullo from melkie


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hullo everyone! these forums are really interesting! i've had guppies and wild minnows and frogs and goldfish, but bettas are my all-time favorite water-breathing critters, so I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about them!

here's a little story: my neighbor once owned a male betta, but wasn't taking good care of him. i found the betta flopping around in about half an inch of very dirty water in an ittybitty bowl :giggle: . so i took him home with me without asking my neighbor's permission and gave him a gigantic bowl of clean, medicated water and food, since he apparently hadn't been fed for a very long time. it turned out my neighbor was happy to be rid of him! but the betta, who i named CC for "christmas colors" since he was red with lots of green, perked up soon after i rescued him and lived for about four more years before he died of old age. so it was a happy ending for him, i think. :wacko:



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yup. i have one hyperactive old crowntail male (5 years old and still alive!) and one very small VT female who likes to bite everything! i used to have a lot more, around eighteen or so, but i made the mistake of getting them all at around the same time... so when they died, it was just one after another. :D so sad!

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Guest female fighter

Ooo Melkie that's so cute.

I don't know about everybody else but I am always amazed at how much personality such little creatures turn out to have.


Amy : )

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