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what should i do with this tank?


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Hi guys i have this little tank in my lounge room on a stand that my lovely mum made me!

Ive decide its time to do something with it

currectly its got:

4 serpa tetras

1 silver dollar

1 bristle nose

1 sword tail

1 mail fighter

1 female fighter

I'm thinking towards turning it into a rift tank (ill move all the fish) and selling the silly silver dollar


planting it up ?

any suggestions????

heres some pics of it.

Its a Aqua one AR-380

its 35cm by, 35cm by and 22cm

the front


the side


any suggestions or comments would be MUCH MUCH apreciated

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well for a start you will want to get the female/male fighter out of there...he will constantly harrass her to mate and she will get stressed and/or attacked and may die. Other than they I think it's nicely stocked. It's too small of a tank to really put many more fish in. You may get away with a small school of neon's or 4 Harlequin Rasboras. As for turning it into a rift? tank... I think you mean Reef as in marine fish? You could do that but they are a lot harder to maintain and cost more to run.

It's up to you but if it were my tank I'd probably plant it out, the fish will love all the real plants!

Good Luck!

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Agreed you need to remove one of the fighters ( at least ) and Im a live plant convert now so maybe just plant her up with some live plants..The fish really do love real plants . Otherwise it looks good now , plenty of colour in there as is.

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You did mention getting the silver dollar out of the tank thus the suggestion to plant up.

If you want cichlids do some homework as you will have to go with the smaller ones in that size tank ie. kribs / rams or apistos.

And youll need to know which ones will dig up plants and how many you can have in your tank as they are territorial.

I am rather fond of the kribs as they are tank friendly and not that aggressive though they are assertive.

I have a female albino and a nice coloured male in a 65 lite with an assortment of other characters and while they do like to chase they dont harm the others.

All the pics I have seen of Rift tanks use mainly rock features and driftwood to decorate the tank and provide territories for cichlids so you might go that way if you dont want plants.

Once you decide just do plenty of research .

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