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My Betta setup!


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Here's the front view of the tank. There's the driftwood at the back, a few plants, one of those column things to swim through, a rock, and a simple filter (which I might change in a bit, not sure if I like it yet, so any recommendations welcome.)

What was sold to me as a small bristlenose female turned out to be a Cory, and now I understand why you can never trust pet shop people. The good thing is that he/she/it doesn't look sick anymore, and is being rather active. I do like it a lot, and I hope the Betta does too (not for dessert).

Hopefully there's enough plant life.


Here's a view from the top. There are a lot of bubbles now because the filter is running full speed and there's an airstone, but I will take that out as soon as Mr Betta arrives, and slow down the filter.


And here are some side views =) I hope the pictures are not too big.




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Thank you =)

The Cory was a bit quiet the first few days, and I even thought he/she (really need to figure out gender of this one) was sick at some point, but after I added some plants it's been really active and seems in good health.

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After seeing your cory I went out and bought one each for my betta boys to play with...

Theyve been in for about half an hour and 1 betta is hiding (sook) and the other is hovering over the cory trying to figure out what it is.....funny

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Its cat and mouse in there at the moment he (pinky ! aptly named)is all brave when he sneaks up behind the corey(must give a name) but if it comes to a face off pinky is rettreating behind the filter.

The other boy (chilli) is over it already and back to building his nest.

The breeder probably shouldnt have called him Pinky he seems to have a bit of a complex thing going on.

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Oh, I love your tanks, jusdeb! Those Cories are so cute! Pinky and Chilli look nice too :)

And I love the birdies! Do they just fly around freely?

My Yasha is terrified of the flash as well, and is still getting used to the tank, but here are some very small photos:



He has a lovely tail, but it's hard to get a shot of him flaring. He seems to get along with the Cory quite well, they hang out at the bottom looking for food together!

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Just an update on my cory / fighter cohabitation.....alls good between them but both fighters have a nip at the corys at feed time.

Nothing to be concerned about but I find it curious that when I add the food they both swim straight down and nip the corys before eating.

Just one nip and they both do it.

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