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Update on my Aqua one tank


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got bored this week with my little aqua one tank and decided to revamp it a little, I felt it was crowded. Current inhabitants are 3 white clouds, 1 guppy and 5 glowlight tetras and with all the stuff I had in there the fish seemed to have not a lot of swimming space so I pulled everything out and did it again.


pic of the tetras, they have been in now for about 3 weeks with no problems. I now have a couple of LFS where the fish seem to be good so I will be using them, the other 2 stores I have used are the ones that gave me problems and had the fish die on me so I will be avoiding those in the future.


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Looking good!

Finding a good LFS with good stock is like striking gold, they are few and far between. They'll still have their issues at times because there are a limited number of wholesalers to choose from, but better conditions and more knowledgeable staff make for healthier fish :)

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